Tails from the Fluff Factory

8 July 1982
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I consider myself to be relatively boring, but I suppose that if you're really reading about the minutae of my life, you really don't. That's kinda cool.

Interesting things about me:
-I'm of foreign descent (I mean directly. My generation is the first for natural-born US citizens.)
-I'm a graphic artist
-I do book covers and interiors for Lulu clients
-I have lost 80+ lbs

That's really all that's terribly interesting about me. In addition I'm married, and we have 3 lovely cats. I'm very liberal in beliefs, and have beaten people with books such as the communist manifesto and mein kampf, because they called my parents nasty things. I abhor ignorance in so far as those who are ignorant maintaining an opinion on those subjects that they are ignorant of. Also, I tend to err towards the silly side of life, but I can get a truly dark cloud over it sometimes.
Either at this point you've been scared away, or you're interested. That's your call.

Happy to serve!